About Us

DEBENUWA INTEGRATED GLOBAL LIMITED is a dairy distribution company established on the 12th of November, 2009 in Alimosho Local Government, Lagos State Nigeria as DEBENUWA NIGERIA VENTURES now incorporated as a limited liability company on the 17th of December 2013 with four directors on board. We act as vendors in the distribution of dairy products and have consolidated partnerships with local and foreign manufacturers of dairy products all around the globe.

Since inception, we have established ourselves as the supplier for choice for our clients with the ability to deliver dairy products promptly.

Our focus is aimed at expanding our partnerships with more dairy manufacturers to meet the ever increasing and dynamic change of domestic and industrial customers.

We have carefully over the years established a strong partnership with top reputable dairy manufacturers across the globe.

DEBENUWA INTEGRATED GLOBAL LIMITED is committed to the highest standards of top brand quality dairy products which is why we ensure approval from food and drug regulatory authorities such as NAFDAC in Nigeria and Standard organizations from other countries of our partners/manufacturers.

We are brand driven and ensure that our customers desires and needs are adequately met. This has informed our strategic positioning with our partners and manufacturers as we anchor together to guarantee customer satisfaction. Every product distributed by DEBENUWA INTEGRATED GLOBAL LIMITED comes in excellent packaging to meet domestic and commercial use of our customers at discounted prices. Our premium service makes our customers get more value than what they pay for. This implies that the net value they get is much more than the monetary value they pay. At DEBENUWA INTEGRATED GLOBAL LIMITED, it is a Win! Win! Win! situation.

We pride on having high caliber of resource capable of delivering dairy products to any category of consumers.

DEBENUWA INTEGRATED GLOBAL LIMITED activities are in compliance with all government applicable legislation, food and drug regulatory guide.