Quality Control And Assurance Policy

Quality Assurance

Quality control is a system for ensuring quality of products, inspection analysis and action to make changes.

The management of quality occupies the center stage of our industry in this decade with intent focus on consumers. This manual seeks to prove DEBENUWA INTEGRATED GLOBAL LIMITED focus on quality in the dairy industry.

Quality assurance cannot be guaranteed unless a good system of quality control is in place at the point of recieving and distributing the products.

Quality Assurance Policy Statement

The control of quality procurement of dairy products shall be of paramount importance to DEBENUWA INTEGRATED GLOBAL LIMITED and shall recieve consideration in all services to our customers.

Therefore the policy seeks to achieve the following objectives

  1. To ensure that our supplies of dairy products comply with food and drug regulatory bodies.
  2. Delivery will not commence until proper checks in terms of manufactured dates are confirmed.
  3. To ensure that well established procedures for quality control checks are adequately observed.